Murshida Rani Kathleen McLaughlin

rani2Rani serves as a Murshida in the Sufi lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and is the President and Spiritual Director of the Sufi Movement in Oregon and Washington. She offers activities throughout the Northwest. She has given classes, meditation, and individual spiritual guidance since 1992. She has given lectures at the Universelle of the International Sufi Movement in Katwijk, Holland, and published articles in the international Sufi journal Toward the One, including “The Veil of Beauty” and “The Shadow of the Beloved.” You can find some of her sermons and lectures on this website.

It has been her privilege to be involved with the Federation of the Sufi Message for over twenty years. She is the Assistant to the Secretary of the Federation Council, working to plan and further the precious work of cooperation between the organizations which take the Sufi Message of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan as their inspiration. She has participated in the Reconciliation meetings between the International Sufi Movement and the Sufi Order International, contributing to the actualization of the Unity of Religious Ideals.

Murshida Rani is the National Representative of the United States for the International Sufi Movement. She is also the International Coordinator for the International Sufi Movement, working with National Representatives for Sufi Movement Centers worldwide.

The following video is from a lecture that she gave at the Summer School of the International Sufi Movement in 2011.


Murshida Rani McLaughlin
The Art of Personality, A Psychological Perspective, Part 1
Katwijk, Netherlands (Summer School 2011)

Murshida Rani McLaughlin
The Art of Personality, A Psychological Perspective, Part 2
Katwijk, Netherlands (Summer School 2011)